Trane TVR-5G Air Conditioner Error Codes


Outdoor Unit Trane AC Error Codes

H0 M_Home Unmatching(Reserve)


E2 Communication Fault of The Outdoor Chip and The Indoor Chip 

E3 Communication Error Between Mainboard and IR341 

E4 Outdoor Unit Sensor Fault 

E5 Voltage Protection Fault 

E6 Direct-Current Fan Fault 

E7 Heating Fan Fault in Area A Lasts for 5 Minutes 

E8 There Are Two Times E6 Faults in 10 Minutes (the recovery will be after power off) 

P0 The Cooling Fin Has High-Temperature Protection Problem 

P1 High-Pressure Protection

P2 Low-Pressure Protection 

P3 Compressor Current Protection 

P4 Discharge Temperature Protection 

P5 Outdoor Condenser High-Temperature Problem

P6 IPM Modules Protection Problem

P7 Evaporator High-Temperature Problem

P8 Typhoon Protection Problem


Indoor Unit Trane AC Error Codes

E2 Indoor to Outdoor Communication Error

E4 T-3 & T-4 Temperature Sensor Malfunction 

E5 Power Voltage Protection Problem

E6 Fan Protection Error 

E7 Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor Malfunction 

E9 EEPROM Malfunction 

EA A Fan Runs For More Than 5 Minutes in Heat Mode 

Eb  2 Times of E6 Protection in 10 Minutes 

H0 Communication Malfunction Between IR341/Mainboard

P1 Hi-pressure Protection 

P2 Low-Pressure Protection 

P3 Input Current Protection 

P4 Compressor Discharge protection temperature 

P5 Condenser High-Temperature Protection 

P6 Inverter Module Protection 

P8 Typhoon Protection 

PE Indoor Evaporator Hi-Temp protection 

L0 Module Malfunction 

L1 DC Generatrix Low Voltage Protection 

L2 DC Generatrix High Voltage Protection 

L3 Reserved 

L4 MCE Malfunction/Simultaneously/Cycle Loop 

L5 Zero Speed Protection 

L6 Reserved 

L7  Wrong Phase Protection 

L8  Speed Difference>15Hz Protection Between The Front And The Back Clock 

L9 Speed Difference>15Hz Protection Between The Real and The Setting Speed 


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