Trane VRF Air Conditioning Unit Error Codes


E1 Communication for indoor and outdoor units fault

E2 T1 sensor problem

E3 T2 sensor problem

E4 T2B sensor problem

E5 Outdoor unit failure problem

E6 Zero-crossing signal detection problem

E7 EEPROM problem

E8 PG motor fan-speed detection problem

E9 Communication problem of wired controller

EA Outdoor unit’s current problem

Eb Outdoor unit IPM problem

EF Mode conflict problem


Outdoor Unit Fault Codes

E0 Outdoor unit communication fault

E1 Phase sequence fault

E2 Communication fault between master outdoor unit and indoor units 

E3 Reserved:

E4 Ambient temperature sensor fault

E5 Reserved:

E6 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor fault

E7 Reserved:

E8 Outdoor unit incorrect address

E9 AC voltage protection problem

EA Refrigerant cooling pipe sensor problem

H0 Communication malfunction between DSP and 0547

H1 Communication malfunction between 0537 and 0547

H2 Outdoor unit quantities decreasing fault

H3 Outdoor unit quantities increasing fault

H4 There is 3 times P6 protection in 30 minutes.

H5 There is 3 times P2 protection in 30 minutes. 

H6 There is 3 times P4 protection in 100 minutes.

H7 Indoor unit quantities decreasing fault 

H8 Discharge pressure sensor error

H9 There is 3 times P9 protection in 30 minutes.

XP0 INV temperature protection

P1 High-pressure protection

P2 Low-pressure protection

XP3 Inverter compressor over current protection

XP4Discharge temperature sensor protection

XP6 P5 T3 temperature sensor protection Inverter module protection

P9 DC Fan module protection

XL0 DC compressor module fault

XL1 DC generatrix low voltage protection

XL2 DC generatrix high voltage protection

L3 Reserved:

XL4 MCE malfunction/simultaneously/cycle loop

XL5 Zero speed protection problem

XL6 Reserved:

XL7 Fault or protect the definition

XL8 A moment before and after the speed change >15Hz

XL9 Set the speed and the actual speed difference >15Hz


Indoor Unit Fault Codes

FE If no address is provided when the power supply is connected for the first time: 

E0 Phase sequence error or phase missing problem

E1 Indoor and outdoor communication problem

E2 Room temperature sensor (T1) failure 

E3 Pipe temperature midpoint sensor (T2) fault 

E4 Pipe temperature outlet sensor (T2B) fault 

E5 Failure of the outdoor unit 

E6 Zero-crossing signal detection problem

E7 EEPROM fault

E8 PG motor speed detection problem

E9 Wired controller communication problem

EA Compressor over-current (four times) problem

EB Inverter module protection 

EC Refreshing problem

EE Water level switch alarm problem

EF Mode conflicting 



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