Aux King Kong type Chiller AC Error Codes

Models: ACMK-H65/5, ACMK-H130/5 The fault The fault code definition possible cause Solution code 1. The water flow switch and the power supply wires are not well connected 1. reconnect the wires firmly 2. The water flow switch malfunction 2. Replace a normal water flow switch E01 The water flow switch protection 3. Circulating the water … Read more

Aux Duct Type AC Error Codes

The fault The fault code definition Possible cause Solution code 1.  The connection loose 1.  reconnect firmly E5 Wired controller 2.  Wired controller malfunction 2.  replace a new one 3.  The communication wire is an open or short circuit 3.  replace normal  communication with the fault 4.  The indoor unit control board malfunction 4. replace … Read more

Aux AC Error Codes List

By reading this blog, you will learn about different error codes that can appear on your Aux Air Conditioner, their meanings, and the troubleshooting steps to fix them. ERROR CODE (display board) ERROR CODE (wired controller) DESCRIPTION L1 C1 The fault with the over-electric current protection L3 C3 The fault with the compressor The power … Read more

Trane Chiller Air Conditioner Error Codes

(CX(G)AV 085 / 150 Cooling: 85~1700kW / 150~3000kW Heating: 85~1700kW / 150~3000kW 50 / 60Hz)   M01 Module outgoing water temperature sensor problem  M02 Module return water temperature sensor problem E15 Customer pump is not ready   C00 Communication with the Module Controller failed to Stop the device C10 Communication with OD Controller failed to Stop … Read more

Trane VRF-SVX30A-EN Error Codes

(Models: 4TVW0007B100NB, 4TVW0009B100NB, 4TVW0012B100NB, 4TVW0018B100NB, 4TVW0020B100NB, 4TVW0024B100NB) E121 Indoor temperature shorted or open E122 Evap-in sensor problem  E123 Evap-out sensor problem E126 Discharge sensor problem E154 Indoor fan problem E221 Outdoor temperature sensor problem E237 Condenser sensor problem E251 Discharge sensor problem E101 No communication between indoor and outdoor units for 2 minutes E102 Communication … Read more

Trane TVR-5G Air Conditioner Error Codes

  Outdoor Unit Trane AC Error Codes H0 M_Home Unmatching(Reserve) E0 EEPROM Fault E2 Communication Fault of The Outdoor Chip and The Indoor Chip  E3 Communication Error Between Mainboard and IR341  E4 Outdoor Unit Sensor Fault  E5 Voltage Protection Fault  E6 Direct-Current Fan Fault  E7 Heating Fan Fault in Area A Lasts for 5 Minutes  E8 There Are Two … Read more

Trane VRF Air Conditioning Unit Error Codes

(8~88HP(25.2~246.0kW)  E1 Communication for indoor and outdoor units fault E2 T1 sensor problem E3 T2 sensor problem E4 T2B sensor problem E5 Outdoor unit failure problem E6 Zero-crossing signal detection problem E7 EEPROM problem E8 PG motor fan-speed detection problem E9 Communication problem of wired controller EA Outdoor unit’s current problem Eb Outdoor unit IPM problem … Read more